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48" Wide
Lightweight Treated Shrub Covers

  • Treated to resist insects, rot and decay
  • Neighbor-friendly design adds beauty to
    your home or yard.
  • Ideal for plants getting to much sun
  • Protecting your plants or trees in winter
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Treated to resist insects, rot and decay
  • Made from 5/8" thick boards
48" Wide Lightweight Treated Covers
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Order No. Height Weight Our Price

LWT48X2 2FT   $56.99

LWT48X3 3 FT 42 lbs $77.99

LWT48X4 4 FT 89 lbs $89.99

LWT48X5 5 FT   $107.99

LWT48X6 6 FT   $125.99

Updated: 02/05/2024