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44" and 45" Wide
Premium Shrub Cover & Protector Kits

Tools Needed:
Screw gun or screw driver.
Tape measure and glue.
24in Wide White Pine Shrub Cover

44" Wide Premium Shrub Covers

Order No. Height Our Price

PCK44X3 3ft $62.99

PCK44X4 4ft $83.99

PCK44X5 5ft $104.99

PCK44X6 6ft $125.99

PCK44X7 7ft $146.99

PCK44X8 8ft $167.99

45" Wide Premium Shrub Protectors

Order No. Height Kit Price

PPK45X8 3ft $47.99

PPK45X8 4ft $95.99

PPK45X8 5ft $119.99

PPK45X8 6ft $143.99

PPK45X8 7ft $167.99

PPK45X8 8ft $191.99