Shrub Covers have 1" spacing
Shrub Protectors have no spacing


Protect your plants with style from the harsh effects
of mid-day sun. heavy rain, strong winds.
Summer heat and strong sun can make your plants sunburned.
It's important to keep plants protected or else they will be damaged
by the sun.
Remember even plants that can generally do well in hot weather can
suffer sunburn. It usually happens when temperature hits 90 degrees
or more.
Frosty winters can wreak havoc on both new and old shrubs through
frost damage ,heavy or ice coverage. Our shrub covers and protectors
can midigate the damage to your garden,
While ice and snow can break your shrub's branches , salt spray from
city trucks can harm tour plants.
The sun is no friend either. Sun scalds when shrubs that normally receive
coverage experience full sun, which kills some of the tissue,
Protect your shrubs with our Shrub Covers and Protectors.