24in Wide Spruce Shrub Covers

Shrub Covers and Protectors

* A frosty winter can wreak havoc on both new and old shrubs through frost
  damage, heavy snow or ice coverage.
* Winter Shrub Covers and Protectors can mitigate the damage to your garden.
* While snow and ice can break your shrub's branches, salt spray from city
  trucks can harm your plants too.
* The sun is no friend either. Sun scald occurs when shrubs that normally receive
  shade coverage experience full sun, which kills some of their tissue.

Protect your shrubs with our Shrub Covers and Protectors.
Available in Standard, Premium, Treated and Cedar lumber.

Pine Rot   There is a common misconception is that pine boards rot quickly. So I decided to build a pine shrub cover
in July of 2014 and leave it out in the weather to see if what they say is true.

This cover has been left out year round. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter now for 5 years.
No stains or protective coatings were applied.

Upon examanation today July 2019 I can see that there are no visible signs of rot except about 1/8 of an inch at the
bottom of the legs.
If the cover was painted or stained there would even less rot.

So if you were to use this cover for winter use only.( Dec - March) thats only 4 months of use each year.
It is safe to say that pine covers will last, unpainted or stained for at least 15 years.
The Shrub Protector is a 24" x 3ft and retails for $32.99.
This averages out to be $2.19 per year to protect your investment.
So in closing pine does rot but it is very minimal.

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