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Shrub Covers and Protectors

* A frosty winter can wreak havoc on both new and old shrubs through frost
  damage, heavy snow or ice coverage.
* Winter Shrub Covers and Protectors can mitigate the damage to your garden.
* While snow and ice can break your shrub's branches, salt spray from city
  trucks can harm your plants too.
* The sun is no friend either. Sun scald occurs when shrubs that normally receive
  shade coverage experience full sun, which kills some of their tissue.

Blocked Snowfall Hazard
High efficiency furnaces, water heaters and other energy-saving appliances may
have exhaust vents that exit your building through exterior walls than through a
chimney. These vents can become blocked in the winter months by snow and
ice,which can affect the safe operation of the appliance.
In-take air vents can also get clogged.
In order to keep snow away from sidewall exhaust vents you can purchase a
shrub cover or protector and deflect the snow.

Protect your shrubs with our Shrub Covers and Protectors.
Available in Standard Pine, Premium Pine, Treated and Cedar lumber.

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